Close-up magician

Tuesday, 20 April 2010


A huge repertoire of tricks to suit all occasions: card tricks, sleight of hand, misdirection, and balloons. Whatever you have in mind for your event you'll not be disappointed.

Weddings - Entertain your guests during dinner or whilst you spend time with the photographer!
Parties - Up-close and personal with your guests, they take part in creating the magic.
Corporate - Magic is a very powerful marketing tool... entertain your clients in a way that they'll remember!
Dinners - Table magic performed by a well presented gent with many tricks up his sleeves!
Restaurants - Keep families and more importantly children entertained whilst you prepare their three courses.
Being a member of the Magic Circle I embrace the chance to develop my skill base and enter competitions, recently I won an award for close-up magic and look forward to forthcoming events to add to the collection!

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  1. One of magicbox good customer,give me this

    I saw an incredible new trick by Kris and I'm not normally fooled by many magic tricks, but this one really fooled me! When it's released, GET IT!

    -Michael Grist